Why Steven Joyce’s time in politics was up

OPINION: As far as political resignations go, Steven Joyce’s was far from one of Parliament’s most brutal.

The senior National Party MP chose his moment and there was no apparent whiff of blood in the water before he did.

But Joyce did not get to go out on top, and that was clear after his failed leadership bid that saw him lose to Simon Bridges and the apparent confirmation he would not be retaining his finance portfolio.

Steven Joyce rose as high as he could in politics.
Steven Joyce rose as high as he could in politics.

It’s not the saddest end to a career like his – many more political giants have gone out in worse circumstances, dragged kicking and screaming from the halls of power after more controversial falls from grace.

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But Joyce’s star had fallen in the party, despite his success as campaign manager since 2005, despite the trust former Prime Ministers John Key and Bill English placed in him as their “Mr Fix-It” to parachute into a crisis and despite the air of economic credibility he carried with voters.

Years of micro-managing and the perception (of some caucus members at least) that he did little to support the ideas of others, caught up with him when he no longer had the absolute power of Key and English in his corner.

Joyce is a talented politician and his record…

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