There is a vacuum in TN politics and I am here to fill it: Politician Rajini declares

More than two months after announcing his political entry, actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth answered one of the biggest criticisms raised against him – the timing over his plunge.

Speaking at the MGR University in Chennai’s Maduravoyal, Rajini said, “They ask why I didn’t enter when Jayalalithaa was ruling. ‘Was it fear,’ they ask? I don’t have to remind what happened in 1996. Did I come to politics because of a vacuum? Yes. There is a vacuum…for a good leader. Jayalalithaa was a talented leader. Karunandhi…even though he was not in power for 13, he held the party together. Tamilnadu needs a leader and I come to fill in.”

The event at MGR University to unveil a statue and portrait of the former Chief Minister, marked the actor’s first public engagement since he formally announced his political entry on December 31 last year.

While acknowledging that there cannot be another MGR for another 1000 years, Rajini noted, “MGR was a yuva purusha and even after 1000 years there can’t be another person like him. I have the confidence to replicate MGR’s good governance. Using technology and good advisers and talented people I can deliver good governance.”

He also revealed, for the first time, the personal equation he shared with former Chief Minister and AIADMK founder MG Ramachandran.

Speaking about a difficult time in his life when the former CM helped see him through, Rajinikanth said, “In…

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