Fashion meets politics at the Oscars

HOLLYWOOD, California (WABC) —

The focus on fashion is always intense on Oscar’s red carpet, but during this awards season when a fashion statement can be used to make a political point, the decision about what to wear Sunday takes on even greater significance.

The world’s longest runway ends on Sunday night after the stars have walked many miles of red carpet over so many months. At The New York Film Critics, I asked comic, Tiffany Hadish, what kind of statement her dress made. She let me know it was one of success, “This is a success dress, baby. I only dress for success. She ready! Success dress!”

At the ‘Golden Globes’ women wore black to show support for the ‘Me Too’ movement, but on Oscar’s red carpet it will be business as usual, predicts staff reporter, Ashley Cullens, from “The Hollywood Reporter.” “We haven’t heard of anybody planning on wearing all black, although I’m sure some people will because it’s flattering, but it’s not going to be a political statement when people wear black this time around.”

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