A bad idea to mix business and politics

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I have never understood why a non-political business would get into politics with its business. I grew up in a very political family which owned a small business. The conversation at the dinner table never made it to “storefront.” This isn’t a matter of free speech, it’s a matter of smart economics. If you limit your pool of consumers, you just aren’t going to make as much money as you could. Ah, yes, the evil mentality of capitalism. Let’s remember, this country’s economy runs on capitalism and people survive based on the reality of making enough money to live and, for the new generation, buy Tide Pods.

When professional football players chose to kneel to take a stand, the NFL lost money and at least one mediocre quarterback didn’t get a contract. A New Mexico internet marketing company posted shortly after the November 2016 election that it will “no longer do business with any person that is a registered Republican or supports Donald Trump.” The company specializes in “search engine optimization.” Any guess as to what search was being optimized for this company after the post? Within two months, the CEO left the company for the backlash he received after his comments.

In my search on this topic, I found this question on a message board: “I work in financial services. Can I legally refuse service to Democrats?” Well, sure, but who wants to take financial advice from a guy making such a stupid financial business decision?

The big dogs of the retail industry are getting in on the “politics before profits” kick, too. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart and Kroger are all raising the age limits for…

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