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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal killed a proposed tax break that would have benefited Delta Airlines after the airline cut ties with the National Rifle Association. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly defended his handling of the domestic-abuse allegations against former Trump staffer Rob Porter and offered his own timeline of the episode. In a series of morning tweets, President Trump exchanged insults with comedian Alec Baldwin and defended his position on trade. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence attended the funeral for the late Reverend Billy Graham in Charlotte, North Carolina. A manhunt is underway after two people were fatally shot by a gunman at Central Michigan University.

Today on The Atlantic

  • Promises, Promises: President Trump’s proposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum are intended to protect American jobs and strengthen national security. They’ll probably fail on both fronts. (Annie Lowrey)

  • Can’t Have Both: President Trump will have to choose between limiting low-skill immigration or restricting trade. (Reihan Salam)

  • Keep Out: Greenfield, Massachusetts has successfully fought to keep Walmart from moving into town. Now, the city is up against a much more powerful force: Amazon. (Alana Semuels)

  • The Consequences of a Trade War: Former President Richard Nixon’s leadership brought on a decade of stagflation. David Frum argues that Trump’s tariffs might do the same thing.

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President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence arrive at the funeral of Reverend Billy Graham in Charlotte, North Carolina. Andrew…

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