Sweden’s Feminist Initiative stands by ‘pink politics’ in new climate

Sweden's Feminist Initiative stands by 'pink politics' in new climate
Gudrun Schyman. Photo: Emil Langvad/TT

Sweden’s feminist party says it will base its election campaign on similar ‘pink policies’ to those adopted in the past, despite a change in political climate.

Party leader Gudrun Schyman said that Sweden and Europe had seen fundamental political changes since the last general election in 2014.

“[There has been] a settling change towards a society that does not respect human rights,” Schyman said on stage as she presented the party’s election platform at its national congress in Malmö.

The Feminist Initiative (FI) leader said she believed her party, which remains on the fringes of Swedish politics, was now the only one on the country’s political landscape to see human rights as a priority.

FI’s policies include increasing the number of UN quota refugees taken in by Sweden, removing obstacles to family reunification, giving…

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