Why Do Clergy Advocate More Gun Control Instead of More Religion?

Why Do Clergy Advocate More Gun Control Instead of More Religion?

In the aftermath of another school campus mass murder by a deranged individual, there were a myriad of reactions as people tried to come to grips with why this continues to happen. Many of the reactions are expected — especially those speaking of the need for greater controls over the acquisition of guns. One reaction I don’t understand is why clergy are not calling for more religion instead of more gun control.

By now you know that (to their credit) the FBI stated they did not act on a tip received on the Parkland, Fla., murderer that could have potentially prevented the killing of 17 innocents – mostly children. Plainly said, they screwed up. But I applaud them for admitting their failure which rarely happens with government authorities.

There is a feeling that we must do something. Many who do not understand the first thing about guns or gun ownership think the only way to resolve this is to limit the ownership of long guns, which they like to characterize as “assault weapons.” This is despite the fact that long guns are a small percentage of guns used in murders. I have delineated all this in prior columns. (Please do not assume I am minimizing this loss of life in any way or form.)

I presume that is because it is easier to look at the tool of murder instead of the cause of the action by the individual. Some of you are sick of hearing how things were not like this when those of us of an older generation were growing up. A recent study by the University of Chicago showed that there was actually a greater percentage of households owning guns in the good ol’ days (their study started in 1972). It is thus not an issue of people owning guns; it is the people.

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If you argue that guns were different then, soak in this fact; gun ownership in America went up 50% from 1993 through 2013. Homicides went down 50% during that time. Half of that time there was a so-called “assault weapon” ban and half not. A study by the government determined there was no benefit from…

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