Why a politician’s character is more important than their capability, according to a reputation expert

  • Business Insider UK spoke to Rupert Younger, the director of Oxford University’s centre for corporate reputation.
  • Younger told us that character plays a much larger role than capability when it comes to politics.
  • He believes that this reputational importance was the reason for Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the recent United States Elections.

Read the full transcript below:

Rupert Younger: Hi I’m Rupert younger, I’m director of Oxford University’s Centre for Corporate Reputation and I’m also co-author of The Reputation Game.

We’re struggling with this idea of “what exactly is a capable politician? What exactly is it that politicians are expected to do?” The research is pretty clear that says that it’s character that matters much more than capability when it comes to politics.

How you orient yourself, the type of transparency you’re prepared to engage with, certainly in the west….

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