Budowsky: 2018 battle cry for Dems

Budowsky: 2018 battle cry for Dems
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As 2017 ends and 2018 begins, Democrats from red states and blue states will run against the Gilded Age policies of President Trump and Republicans in Congress that are widely rejected by majorities of voters as the midterm elections come closer.

Democrats will run against the highly unpopular tax bill, which so heavily favors the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations that it is reminiscent of the Gilded Age policies of the late 19th century that fomented major income inequality and preceded the presidency of the progressive populist Republican Theodore Roosevelt, who would be a Democrat today.

Democrats will run against the disastrously unpopular GOP plans to repeal and replace ObamaCare, which were in part incorporated into the tax bill that will raise insurance premiums for tens of millions of Americans.

In control of the presidency and Congress, and with eight years to devise health-care policies in opposition to the currently popular ObamaCare, the GOP now owns every insurance premium increase and every problem with the health-care system that hurts or angers voters.

Democrats will run against the highly unpopular and regressive repeal of net neutrality rules by the Trump Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which will raise the price of internet service and streaming video for more than a hundred million Americans who watch movies, television and sports online.

In a recent poll, 83 percent of voters oppose the recent FCC action, which is a gift to giant internet service providers that will raise prices for internet users —…

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