Tucker Carlson: The Obama Administration Spied On A Rival Political Campaign

From Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue on the Friday edition of his FOX News show:

TUCKER CARLSON: Just a year ago all of the smart people were mocking Donald Trump for being insane enough to suggest the Obama administration had surveilled or as he put it wiretapped his campaign. What a paranoid lunatic they said, ‘Get off Twitter!’ Yeah. Now we know what actually happened.

The question at this point is how many Trump’s people weren’t spied on by the FBI. Trump advisor Carter Page was placed under government surveillance in the fall of 2016 after the feds used uncorroborated claims from the Trump dossier to justify a FISA warrant.

We know from Congressional testimony that Page spoke to Trump advisor, Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon while he was being spied on, meaning Bannon was likely spied on too.

Tonight, based on our own reporting, we can tell you that Carter Page also sent email messages to members of the Trump campaign during that same period. Presumably, the FBI intercepted those as well.

Suddenly it looks like the Obama administration may have spied on a significant portion of the Trump campaign team. Just how many people were surveilled and to what extent? How much did President Obama know about that? We still don’t have the answers to those questions, though we definitely have the right to them. Oh, no we…


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