Terrell Owens says ‘politics’ are keeping him and Kaepernick out of the NFL

T.O. insists he can still play in the NFL.

Terrell Owens has not played an NFL game in seven years, and he says it’s because he’s just like Colin Kaepernick.

Second on the NFL‘s all-time list of receiving leaders, the outspoken wideout told TMZ Sports this week that “they know I can play” at age 44. When asked why he hasn’t earned a job since 2012, when the Seattle Seahawks released him before the regular season, Owens suggested that he has been blacklisted by league executives like Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

“What’s stopping Colin Kaepernick from being in the league?” he said. “Owners, general managers. It’s all about an opportunity. That’s it. It’s the same thing with Colin. You’re trying to tell me that he can’t play in the league right now? Really? Just saying. But it’s politics. It is what it is.”

Kaepernick, of course, has been out of the NFL since March after…


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