Christmas Eve Protests in Peru

The Story:

The streets of Lima, Peru’s capital, were filled on December 24 with protestors angered by what they believed was a pay-off on a political deal, President Kuczynski’s pardon of former President Fujimori.

The Pardoned and the Pardoner:

Fujimori, of the Fuerza Popular party, has been a prisoner since his conviction on a corruption charge in 2007.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is the founder of the new Peruanos Por el Kambio party. He has been the target of an impeachment attempt in the country’s Congress in recent weeks, one that was defeated because nine members of the Fuerza Popular, expected to vote to remove him, abstained.

The Thing to Know:

Kuczynski claimed that the catalyst for the pardon was a medical crisis for the former President, who was rushed to the hospital Saturday, December 23. But the people in the streets Sunday believed that was merely the cover for a quid-pro-quo, for the Faustian deal that had preserved Kuczynski’s presidency.

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