The Oumuamua from Another Star System

The Story:

“Oumuamua” is the name for a very odd object now making its way through our solar system, first spotted by astronomers at the University of Hawaii in mid October. It may be the one object yet observed anywhere most likely to represent intelligent extra-terrestrial life.


Scientists who take seriously the possibility of intelligent life “out there” have long posited that if interstellar travel is possible for such a civilization it will involve ships shaped like a cigar or needle, because such a shape would be aerodynamic enough to escape from its planet of origin and compact enough (in the direction of movement) to minimize unwelcome contact with other objects, or with dust or gases.

The Thing to Know: 

Oumuamua is 800 meters long but only 80 meters wide. It is shaped, then, in precisely the way that the hypothesis suggests an alien craft would be. That is not evidence that it is a civilizational artifact, but … stay tuned.


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