Alabama Loss Shrinks GOP Majority in US Senate

The Story:

On Tuesday, December 12, voters in Alabama (narrowly but decisively) voted for the Democratic Party’s candidate, Doug Jones, who will fill that state’s vacant seat in the U.S. Senate. This means that the Republican majority in the Senate is down to the bare minimum. They now hold just 51 seats.

Immediate Reaction:

Jones’ victory meant a defeat for Republican Roy Moore, the candidate who had received the explicit support of President Donald Trump in the days leading up to the vote. Thus, in the immediate reaction to this vote, Jones’ win was taken by many as a blow to Trump and Trump’s dominance of U.S. politics over the last year.

The Thing to Know: 

Jones’ defeat was made possible by extraordinary circumstances, including the string of accusations of sexual misconduct and assault that were directed at Moore by credible witnesses in the weeks before election day.

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