World’s Busiest Bus Terminal Targeted by Terrorist

The Story:

Authorities are questioning Akayed Ullah, the man who they believe set off a low-tech explosive device beneath the Port Authority Terminal in Manhattan Monday morning. The explosion injured four people (including, most seriously, Mr Ullah himself).

The Suspect:

Ullah arrived in the United States from Bangladesh with his family in 2011. So far as is yet known, he had no prior run-ins with the law either in Bangladesh or in the United States. A law enforcement official described Ullah as having been “self-radicalized” in recent years, through internet activity and Inspire magazine.

The improvised weapon (a pipe bomb with a nine-volt battery) did not detonate properly, avoiding fatalities, apparently cheating Ullah out of desired martyrdom

The Thing to Know:

Investigation is underway, but this seems to have been a ‘lone wolf’ attack. Standard counter-terrorism efforts as they have developed in the U.S. since 2001 have aimed at conspiratorial cells, but lone wolves too easily move under their radar.



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