Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby Says He Couldn’t Bring Himself to Vote for Roy Moore

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby said on Sunday that he could not bring himself to vote for Republican candidate Roy Moore in Alabama’s upcoming Senate election.

Shelby, a Republican, said he did not vote for the Democratic candidate Doug Jones, but had written in a “distinguished Republican candidate” who he did not name.

“I’d rather see a Republican win, but I hope that Republican will be a write in,” Shelby told CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union. “I think a lot of people could do that. Will they do that? I’m not sure.”

“I couldn’t vote for Roy Moore,” he said. “The state of Alabama deserves better.”

Since Nov. 9, nine women have said Moore pursued them romantically, with many saying they were in their teens and he was in his 30s. The allegations included initiating sexual contact with a 14-year-old and serving an underage teenager wine. Moore has denied all…

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