Ten Arrested in the Murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia

The Story:

Nearly two months after the murder (by car bomb) of an anti-corruption journalist and blogger in Malta, the government there has arrested ten suspects.


The arrests came soon after members of the European Parliament had visited Malta on a fact-finding mission. The MEPs had said that they were “seriously concerned” about lawlessness on the island before they arrived and they were not mollified by what they saw, rather, they were “even more worried” when they left, on December 2.

The delegation’s members said also that the Maltese authorities appeared to be reluctant to pursue investigations of major crimes, allowing a “perception of impunity.”

The Thing to Know:

Malta has an unfortunate reputation as a good place to launder ill-gotten gains passing from one region to another. The movement of Big Outsider money through the island’s institutions appears to have fueled the rampant corruption on which Galizia’s popular blog reported.


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