The New York Times Suspends White House Correspondent

The Story:

News website Vox, a pioneer of “explanatory journalism,” revealed in a story posted Monday, November 20, that Glenn Thrush, a renowned and influential New York Times reporter who has covered the White House for years, has a habit of pressing unwanted sexual advances on young women seeking an ally and mentor in the field.


The Times has some claim to having kicked off the current round of ‘outings’ of prominent men, from Hollywood moguls and stand-up comics to sitting Senators and aspirants for such a seat, as sexual harassers. It was the Times that ran the seminal October 5 story about producer Harvey Weinstein. An ironist might see the charges against Thrush as the completion of a circle.

The Thing to Know:

The Times has suspended Thrush while it investigates. It also says that Thrush has entered a substance abuse treatment program, and the company supports his decision to do so.


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