If you think politics makes Thanksgiving dinner unbearable, you’re correct

What Trump voters will discuss at Thanksgiving

(CNN)There was no shortage of guides and explainers to save Thanksgiving dinner from bitter partisan rancor following President Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton last November.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper even made cameos on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” in a gag smartphone app as “mobile moderators” who could be summoned to settle bitter family political disputes, and etiquette experts offered advice for handling get-togethers with class.

But data about Thanksgiving 2016 shows that preparation did not save politically divided families from wanting to get away from one another. They spent about 20-30 minutes less with one another than in 2015, a new analysis of smartphone and voter data found.

Weather won't be the reason for your travel delay
Weather won’t be the reason for your travel delay

Families closer to either of the two major political parties decided to stay away from their familial foes in different ways.

Democratic voters were 5% less likely to travel for dinner in 2016 than in 2015. Republican voters, on the other hand, were just as likely to take trips.

Once Thanksgiving got started, Republicans who traveled bailed earlier on average. Travelers from Republican areas to Democratic ones shortened their visits by almost 45 minutes on average, the analysis found.

Notably, the data does not dive into whether Republicans did not want to stay or whether they felt unwanted. Democrats were not more likely to leave earlier, on average (that is, if they made the trip, since they were less likely to travel).

11 things you'll fight over this Thanksgiving (besides politics)
11 things you’ll fight over this Thanksgiving (besides politics)

This year, for what it’s worth, could turn out the same way, at least if some politicians have their way. On Sunday, Sen. Chuck…


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