Alabama Senate Race: Republican voters Switching to Democrat ?”Common Ground Doug Jones (D) TV Ad Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones released a campaign ad Tuesday in response to the allegations against his Republican opponent, Roy Moore, that features seven Republican voters who say they will vote for Jones in the Dec. 12 special election.

“You read the story and it just shakes you,” says a woman in the ad, titled “Common Ground.” She’s referring to the Washington Post story from last week reporting four women who said Moore dated them when they were teenagers, including a then-14-year-old who said Moore initiated a sexual encounter with her. “Don’t decency and integrity matter anymore.”

“I’m a life-long Republican, but I just can’t do it,” says a man in the ad.

“I can’t vote for Roy Moore,” another woman says.

“I’m a Republican but Roy Moore — no way,” says another man.

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