The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: You’re Pardoned

Jacquelyn Martin / AP

Today in 5 Lines

President Trump pardoned a pair of turkeys as part of the annual Thanksgiving tradition. Asked about whether he supports Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, Trump told reporters voters shouldn’t support Moore’s “liberal” rival, adding that Moore denies the sexual-misconduct allegations against him. The Federal Communications Commission announced plans to dismantle net-neutrality regulations, which would allow companies to charge more for some websites. The House Ethics Committee said it has begun an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct against Michigan Representative John Conyers. The White House said Trump spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin about promoting peace in Syria and Ukraine, as well as the looming nuclear threat from North Korea.

Today on The Atlantic

  • This Moment in Time: NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly writes that the emerging sexual-harassment allegations against powerful men is a decisive moment for the media, which has taken too long to cover these stories.

  • Have Faith: If the Democratic Party wants to win votes in the Trump era, they first have to regain the trust of religious Americans. (Michael Wear)

  • ‘The Nationalist’s Delusion’: In voting for Donald Trump, argues Adam Serwer, his…

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