John Oliver jokes he will ‘sneak’ info to Trump through ‘Fox & Friends’ ads

John Oliver joked he plans to “sneak” information to President Trump through ads on “Fox & Friends.”

During a segment on “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver brought up a quote that called “Fox & Friends” the “most powerful TV show in America.” The quote — from a July article in The New York Times — said that the show was “suddenly, for no other reason than its No. 1 fan,” the “most powerful TV show in America.”

The hosts on “Fox & Friends” talked about the quote on their show after it was featured in the Times.

Oliver said during his segment that about 45 minutes after that was discussed on “Fox & Friends” earlier this year, Trump tweeted about it.

“Information goes right from that show into his brain, which is terrible,” Oliver, a frequent Trump critic, said.

“Because we would genuinely be better off if Trump was getting daily briefings from…

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