Final Ralph Northam Ad: Accomplish | Ralph Northam (D) TV Ad

From the Ralph Northam Campaign: Today, the Northam for Governor campaign released the closing argument ad of the campaign, entitled “Accomplish.”

Ralph is running on bringing economic opportunity to every Virginian, no matter who they are, no matter where they’re from. Virginia families can trust that with his lifetime of service, Ralph will fight to ensure Virginia remains an inclusive and welcoming Commonwealth, where everyone has access to opportunities like quality education and affordable healthcare.

Meanwhile, Ed Gillespie has spent his entire career working on behalf of millionaires and corporations, and he refuses to stand up to Donald Trump.


Ralph Northam: In Washington, we have a President who is dividing America in a way we’ve never seen before. Here in Virginia, we can do better.

As governor, I’ll move Virginia forward by bringing people together.

We need to keep Virginia’s economy growing by teaming up with business to provide vocational training and apprenticeships for jobs that are available right now.

And we need to expand healthcare, not take it away.

As an Army doctor and pediatrician, I know we accomplish the most by working together.

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