Final Ed Gillespie Ad: Let’s Make Life Better for All Virginians | Ed Gillespie (R) TV Ad Republican Ed Gillespie released his final campaign ad asking voters to support his bid to be Virginia’s next governor on Tuesday.

The 30-second ad titled, “Let’s Make Life Better for All Virginians,” features Gillespie looking directly into the camera to make his case for why Virginians should vote for him.

“Virginia is 39th out of 50 states in economic growth and 44th in wage growth. Virginia, for the first time ever more people are moving out of our Commonwealth than into it, but Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam thinks we’re doing great,” Gillespie says. “I think we should be first in the nation in economic growth and job creation, and my plan will get us there.”

Recent polls show Gillespie and Democrat Northam locked in a tight race ahead of next Tuesday’s election.

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