Kelly defends Confederate statues: ‘History’s history’

Kelly defends Confederate statues: 'History's history'
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White House chief of staff John Kelly says it is a mistake to pull down Confederate-tied symbols and scrub markers of historical importance, arguing that it is a “dangerous” practice to retroactively project current attitudes onto past events.

In an interview Monday night on Fox News, Kelly said “history’s history” after being asked by host Laura Ingraham what he thought about removing the plaques memorializing both George Washington and Robert E. Lee at a church in Alexandria, Va., in order to be more inclusive in the community.

“I think we make a mistake, though, and as a society and certainly as, as individuals, when we take what is today accepted as right and wrong and go back 100, 200, 300 years or more and say…’what Christopher Columbus did was wrong,'” Kelly said on the…

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