Top Oversight Dem presses WH for info on staffers’ use of personal emails

Top Oversight Dem presses WH for info on staffers' use of personal emails
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The top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is accusing the White House of stonewalling congressional efforts to get details surrounding the use of personal emails by senior presidential advisers, including senior adviser Jared Kushner.

“Based on the record before us, I do not believe anyone can reasonably argue that the White House is in ‘full compliance’ with our document request,” Cummings wrote to Gowdy on Friday. “If you decide to follow-through on your proposed course of action, the Committee essentially will be abdicating its oversight responsibilities under the Constitution by walling off the White House from serious congressional scrutiny.

“Unfortunately, this is now becoming a troubling pattern of the Oversight Committee capitulating to the Trump White House rather than exercising its independent authority to conduct oversight of the Executive Branch.”

Gowdy was quick to respond, saying “the Democrats’ assertion that the White House has not cooperated is false” and vowing to continue the investigation.

“Our investigation into private email use for official business is government-wide and not about one entity. The Committee has been looking at the use of private email for years,” he said in an email.

“The White House provided a briefing this week to share specific details on all of our outstanding questions and committed to follow up at the conclusion of an ongoing investigation. Allegations that we have completed our engagement with the White House on this issue are absurd,” he added.

“As recently as this morning I was on the phone with a Cabinet-level official to ensure their full compliance. We need…

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