On a Fox and a Chicken Coop

The Story:

A law enacted 18 months ago, to protect the pharmaceutical industry from the unwanted attentions it was receiving from the Drug Enforcement Agency, has itself received new attention since President Trump’s brief abortive effort to make Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) his drug czar.

The Controversy:

The “Ensuring Patient Access Act” passed Congress on a voice vote early in 2016, largely due to Rep. Marino’s efforts. It restricts the DEA’s ability to seize certain suspicious narcotics shipments before their contents can end up on the streets. The campaign financing largesse of Big Pharma deserves some credit.

This year President Donald Trump nominated Marino to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which would have put him in charge of the narcotics enforcement activity he had helped restrict.

The Thing to Know:

Marino, under fire, withdrew from consideration for the position of ‘drug czar.’ And Congress will be taking another look at the “Ensuring Patient Access Act.”



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