Conservative author defends Corker in feud with Trump

Former conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes on Sunday defended Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) for suggesting President Trump acts childish, calling the president an “erratic narcissist.”

Sykes, who has never been a Trump supporter, said the real estate mogul’s actions for the past two years should have been an early warning sign that the commander in chief does not act rationally.

“Anyone who has paid any attention to Donald Trump over the last two years should not be actually surprised by any of this. I mean, he’s an erratic narcissist, a serial liar,” Sykes told host Brian Stelter on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

“Someone who went through a campaign mocking women and the disabled. Thin-skinned, vindictive — all of those things that we saw during the campaign that for whatever reason the conservative movement decided to embrace, enable, or rationalize — now we are seeing it playing…

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