Dan Bilzerian recounts frantic search for gun, help during Vegas shooting

Dan Bilzerian, the millionaire professional poker player whose playboy exploits and philanthropy made him a massive social media star, owns an arsenal of guns that would be the envy of any Second Amendment champion.

But on Sunday night he found himself weaponless as a barrage of bullets rained down upon him and fellow concertgoers in Las Vegas near the end of a country music performance by Jason Aldean.

Bilzerian, who has been a sworn commissioned reserve police officer for the last five years, was captured on video running as gunfire erupted overhead, sprinting first toward a parked police truck and then to a cement barrier directly facing the hotel where the gunman was located.

It was the first actions Bilzerian took after he fled his position on the concert stage with country singer Jake Owen, a longtime friend since Little League.

“All I wanted to do was get my hands on a gun and shoot the mother f—– shooting at me,” Bilzerian told The Hill in an interview recounting the harrowing minutes during which he fled the stage and went looking for a weapon.

Bilzerian said he first ran from the stage toward a police truck parked nearby as concertgoers scrambled for cover and bullets rang out overhead.

“I was trying to get the shotgun, but I couldn’t get it out,” he recalled.

Cellphone video footage recorded by a friend shows Bilzerian rummaging through the police truck looking for a weapon as the sound of automatic gunfire relentlessly cracked nearby.

Unable to get the gun, Bilzerian went toward a group of people yelling for help, and he saw a young woman whose face was covered in blood. He told her friends to bring her to the police vehicle.

“Her brain was outside her head. That image will be forever burned into my memory,” he said.

While running towards the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Bilzerian said he recorded a quick video to let people know what was happening amid the chaos. He posted it to Instagram within seconds.

“This girl just got shot in the f—— head,” he can be heard saying while running.

Bilzerian said he posted the clip at that moment because he wanted people to know what was going on was a real mass shooting and not some faux hysteria.

“Everybody needed to know you had to get the f— out of there,” he said.

As he was running for a different cover location, Bilzerian said he decided to reverse course and run back toward the police truck near where the young woman was shot to see if he could find the keys.

“If I could find them in the door or on the seat. I was going to steal it and drag her into the car and drive her towards help but there was nothing. Someone had taken the keys,” he recalled.

“We stayed there and then after a few seconds we decided we had to get out of there,” he added.

Bilzerian said he decided to run toward the gunfire where he saw other police squad cars, hoping to secure a weapon.

“The only thing on my mind…

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