Scalise says his shooter had a ‘political agenda’

Scalise says his shooter had a 'political agenda'
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House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) on Sunday discussed the “political agenda” behind the shooter who opened fire on the GOP congressional baseball team, injuring Scalise and four others.

The shooter’s “sick, twisted agenda” motivated him to try to take his life as well as kill the other Republican lawmakers playing ball, Scalise told host Norah O’Donnell on CBS’s “60 Minutes” in his first interview since the shooting.

“I think it was clear he had a political agenda if you want to even call it that,” he said.

The shooting came at a time when anger at Congress was indicated among voters polled. The baseball practice was for a Republican team.

“And it’s a sick, twisted agenda. I don’t think he could of been in the right frame of mind. But it was clear what his intentions were,” Scalise continued, when asked whether the shooter might have targeted him because of his party.

Scalise, who was shot while playing on second base, tried to crawl to safety after gunman James Hodgkinson opened fire on the players with a rifle and a 9mm handgun at a baseball field in Alexandria, Va., in mid-June.

“When I went down, you know, my first instinct was to try to get away from the gunfire. So I started crawling. And you know…

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