Lessons Learned in Mass Refugee Immigration

Lessons Learned in Mass Refugee Immigration

During the last year of the Obama administration, the U.S. allowed nearly 85,000 refugees to enter the country. President Trump campaigned on a strictimmigration crackdown and a desire to limit mass refugee immigration. TheTrump administration is planning on reducing overall annual refugeeadmissions to, at most, 45,000 annually. The cap has not been this low since 2006.

President Trump has also signed a new executive order to limit immigration from eight nations “until we are sure that we can conduct proper screeningand vetting of those countries’ nationals.” Venezuela and North Korea were added to six countries listed on previous bans—Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia,Syria, and Yemen. This new limit is better clarified but is sure to be tested in the courts.

President Trump used his September 19th speech to the UN to explain a rationale and well-thought out plan on how to balance compassion with caution in dealing with the refugee situation. He emphasized a “safe, responsible, and humanitarian approach” that positions refugee settlements in a way that facilitates their eventual return to help rebuild the countries they love.

President Trump asserts: “Over the long term, uncontrolled migration is deeply unfair to both the sending and the receiving countries. For the sending countries, it reduces domestic pressure to pursue needed politicaland economic reform, and drains them of the human capital necessary tomotivate and implement those reforms. For the receiving countries, thesubstantial costs of uncontrolled migration are borne overwhelmingly by low-income citizens whose concerns are often ignored by both media and government.”

His plan is cost-effective and culture sensitive: “For the cost of resettling one refugee in the United States, we can assist more than 10 in their home region. Out of the goodness of our hearts, we offer financial assistance to hosting countries in the region, and we support…

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