Trump VA chief went sightseeing, shopping with wife on government trip: report

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin spent nearly half his time on a recent international trip sightseeing and shopping with his wife, according to The Washington Post.

Shulkin traveled to Europe in July to attend a conference in London with representatives of several countries on veterans’ health issues, as well as a series of meetings in Denmark.

The VA chief’s traveling party included his acting undersecretary of health and her husband, his chief of staff, another aide and a security detail, according to the Post.

Shulkin’s wife, who also accompanied him on the trip, had her airfare paid for the by the government because she was traveling on “approved invitational orders,” a VA spokesperson told the Post. Shulkin’s wife also received a per diem for her meals.

The newspaper reports Shulkin attended a Wimbledon tennis tournament match and visited multiple palaces in both London and Denmark. Shulkin also reportedly took a cruise on the River Thames in London during the trip.

Shulkin took commercial flights for the trip and sat in coach on at least one flight, according to…

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