State Department spokesperson: Diplomats aren’t used to Trump’s ‘blunt talk’

State Department spokesperson: Diplomats aren't used to Trump's 'blunt talk'

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert says that foreign diplomats have been “surprised” by President Trump’s often blunt talk in an interview broadcast Sunday.

Speaking to AM 970 The Answer, Nauert told host John Catsimatidis that other world leaders aren’t used to plainspoken speeches like the one Trump gave at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday.

“I think some of the other nations are a little bit surprised by the president’s plainspokenness,” Nauert said in the interview.

“Here in the U.S., we think of that as a good thing… but these diplomats aren’t necessarily used to that kind of blunt talk.” Nauert said, adding that…


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