Some Roger Waters fans want to strip politics from the art of dissent

Roger Waters has a message for fans who object to his takedown of Donald Trump on his current Us + Them tour:

“Go see Katy Perry.”

Waters offered up the suggestion in a recent interview with CNN when the network asked him about audience members who have left mid-show in protest. You see, if you’re a Trump diehard, there’s lots to protest on the Pink Floyd founder’s 2017

trek, which stops at the TD Garden on Wednesday and Thursday.

During the

song “Pigs,” the massive video screens flash images of Trump’s head on a pig and a baby cradled by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For “Another Brick in the Wall,” children strip out of orange inmate jumpsuits to reveal T-shirts emblazoned with “RESIST.”

Throughout the set, Waters inserts his strong political opinions.

None of this comes a surprise — Waters has been raging against war, fascism and consumerism since the 1970s.

What is shocking is how some fans of the 73-year-old icon are just realizing their hero’s art is deeply political.

Of course, many will tell you, “I don’t want to hear…


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