How the left created white-identity politics

White-identity politics is on the rise in America, and the left is using the boogeyman of “racism’ to justify its extreme agenda.

But the left should not be surprised whites are beginning to operate by the same rules of identity politics progressives encourage for everyone else. After all, on American college campuses, identity politics has long since driven out any serious discussion of principles.

Scott Greer, author of “No Campus For White Men,” explained how the radical left has created its own ideological doppelganger in a recent interview on “Louder With Crowder” with talk host Steven Crowder.

“The premise is very simple – it’s that victimhood culture and identity politics have totally taken over higher education,” said Greer of his book. “It’s no longer about teaching kids so they can succeed in our traditional American life. It’s all about teaching victimhood, who can be the biggest victim and how to use your racial or gender or sexual identity to gain more privileges and power on a college campus. … [The book] describes how it’s happened [and] the philosophy behind it.”

“Some would say very timely,” joked Crowder, alluding to the left’s escalating campaign to tear down monuments to Confederates, Christians or anyone else they deem problematic.

Greer said the rise of the so-called alt right and white-identity politics is not surprising, given how the left has demonized white students purely because of the color of their skin.

“Absolutely, it’s a result of what we’re seeing from the left, of what I call in my book minority-identity politics,” said Greer. “On a college campus, they encourage all sorts of identity politics unless it’s white identity politics. That’s the one that’s not allowed. What we saw in Charlottesville, that is absolutely what the university is not hoping to encourage, but unintentionally, it’s still encouraging that.

“All these students are taught, ‘You’re bad for being white, you’re bad because of the color of your skin, you cannot overcome yourself because you’re white, the chief attribute about you is being white.’ You’ve got to look at these guys who were down in Charlottesville, most of these guys were college age, a lot of these guys were hearing the same messages from their left-wing professors and left-wing [fellow] students about how they’re evil, about being white. And a lot of them are like, ‘Well, you know if racial identity is so important I’m going to just start caring about my white identity and just start advocating for that.’”

Greer said many young white students are taking the left’s identity politics to its logical conclusion.

“So a lot of this is a direct result of people being browbeaten for being white males,” he said. “And they take the natural conclusion [from what’s happening on college campuses] – I’m going to start advocating for white-identity politics against everybody else’s identity politics.

“I think growing up, a lot of these kids probably didn’t have any sense of white identity…


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