Donald Trump defied at Wembley as Jaguars and Ravens kneel for anthem

NFL players protest during the US national anthem at Wembley – video

Twenty-seven players from the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens took a knee during the singing of the US national anthem at Wembley Stadium on Sunday as the protest against the US president, Donald Trump, intensified. It was the most ever in a single NFL game.

Trump had increased his criticism of NFL players on Saturday, not only suggesting that fans of the sport should “refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country” but also urging any players who took a knee to be fired or suspended.

“NFL attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN,” he added. “Boring games yes, but many stay away because they love our country. League should back US.”

However Trump’s testy demands were ignored by more than 80,000 fans at Wembley as well as a large number of players from the Jaguars…


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