Christophobia Down Under

Christophobia Down Under

Yes, Virginia, there is an anti-Christian bias in the land.

At least in the Land Down Under.

Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph headline reads, “Big W Removes Christmas References from Festive Tree Products.” Yes, a major Aussie retail outlet has removed all instances of the word “Christmas” when referring to . . . “Christmas trees.”

Instead, shoppers encounter labels like “Grand Pine Tree” and “White Forest Tree.”

How festive.

Is this a war on a particular day? I guess. The fear of offending — or, apparently, mildly discomforting — non-Christians has led many governments and businesses and organizations to downplay the whole “Christmas” tradition.

Secularize it.

When I was young, Charlie Brown worried, in A Charlie Brown Christmas, that the holiday had become “too commercial.” But the extent, today, to which “commercialization” has gone must take modish Lucy’s breath away.

But, to be precise, what we are witnessing is something broader: an exclusionary suppression not so much of one holiday but of a particular concept, ‘Christ,” which derives from the Greek for “Messiah” — in plain English: “Savior.”

No wonder why Christians have celebrated Christmas for a very long time.

And perhaps why some anti-Christians take every opportunity to marginalize even barely religious concepts like the “Christmas tree.”

The term relevant here may be Christophobia, which RationalWiki defines as “the irrational fear or hatred of Christianity…


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