Tapper pans Trump’s criticism of athletes: ‘Focusing like a laser’ on the important issues

Tapper pans Trump's criticism of athletes: 'Focusing like a laser' on the important issues

CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Saturday panned President Trump’s criticism of NFL players protesting during the national anthem and his decision to rescind NBA star Stephen Curry’s invitation to the White House.

“Focusing like a laser on the major problems of the American people: black professional athletes with opinions,” Tapper wrote on Twitter.

Tapper’s tweet came after Trump targeted Curry on Twitter earlier Saturday morning. The Golden State Warriors guard told reporters on Friday that he didn’t want to go to the White House to meet with Trump to celebrate their NBA championship title, and didn’t want his team to go either.

Trump reacted on Saturday by disinviting Curry from the trip for “hesitating” to accept the “great honor” of an invitation to the…


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