20 Trillion Reasons to Address National Debt Right Now

20 Trillion Reasons to Address National Debt Right Now

“The federal government is how deep in debt?”

“Extremely deep. Last week, our country passed a regrettable milestone when we exceeded $20 trillion in debt.”

“How the heck did we get ourselves into such a hole?”

“According to The Hill, last week’s debt-limit increase and stopgap government funding bill resulted in one of the largest single-day debt increases in U.S. history. It was enough to push us beyond the $20 trillion mark.”

“But haven’t our politicians been borrowing big long before last week?”

“That’s correct. Since 2002, our politicians have increased the debt nearly $14 trillion. We have been spending, on average, roughly $930 billion per year more than we have taken in in tax receipts.”

“That’s a lot of cabbage. The numbers are so big, they are hard for average folks to understand.”

“TV reporter Jake Tapper explained our debt and spending in a manner that makes it easier to understand. By removing eight zeroes from the federal budget’s $4.1 trillion total, he came up with a sum of $41,000, which is easier to comprehend.”

“Go on.”

“Well, let’s say you’re a typical American whose bills are $41,000 a year – mortgage, car payments, groceries and so on. Here’s the problem: Though you’re spending $41,000 annually, your income is only about $36,000. That means you’re growing your debt by nearly $5,000 every year.”

“I’ve had…

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