High stakes as Trump looks to make UN debut

High stakes as Trump looks to make UN debut

President Trump will face high stakes when he makes his debut at the United Nations on Tuesday, where he will be charged with addressing a global body that he once derided as weak and incompetent.

Nikki Haley, the ambassador to the U.N., previewed the president’s upcoming speech on Friday, casting it as an opportunity for Trump to project strength by praising the U.S.’s allies and admonishing its foes.

“I personally think he slaps the right people, he hugs the right people, and he comes out with (the) U.S. being very strong, in the end,” she told reporters at a White House press briefing.

Of particular focus for Trump when he takes the podium in New York will be North Korea’s weapons development, which has accelerated in recent months and put the world on high alert.

In a stunning development earlier this month, Pyongyang detonated what it said was a hydrogen bomb. If that claim is true, it would represent a major milestone for the rogue nation’s nuclear weapons program.

Trump himself warned last month that he would unleash “fire and fury” on the North if it continues to threaten the U.S. And the president and other administration officials have repeatedly insisted that they are considering military options for dealing with Pyongyang.

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