Boycott ESPN

Boycott ESPN

In a hectic world, millions of Americans enjoy the pastime of watching football on the weekends. It is a nice distraction from the pressures of everyday life. Unfortunately, it is becoming more difficult to just enjoy a game any longer as, sadly, politics has entered the world of sports in a big way. This season, NFL players are continuing to protest police brutality and racial discrimination by sitting, kneeling or giving a “black power” salute during the National Anthem. This has infuriated patriotic Americans who view these protests as disrespectful toward their country. It is no doubt a contributing factor in the declining ratings of the NFL this season.

As NFL ratings have deteriorated, one television network that is particularly suffering is ESPN. In the heyday of cable television, ESPN was considered one of the star networks. It featured great sports programming, compelling hosts and powerful interviews with athletes.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the network has turned away from strictly sports programming and transformed into a bastion of political correctness. Several weeks ago, the network made the asinine decision to remove Robert Lee, an Asian, from his position as a broadcaster for a University of Virginia football game. The geniuses at the network believed that the broadcaster would be ridiculed for sharing the same name as, Heaven forbid, Confederate general Robert E. Lee. Instead, it was ESPN that was universally mocked for believing such a ridiculous move “felt right.”

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This week a new controversy has engulfed the troubled network. One of their daily show hosts, Jemele Hill, launched a nasty Twitter tirade against President Trump labeling him a “white supremacist,” an “idiot,” and a “moron.” For good…


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