So what is a visiting fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics?

Corey Lewandowski is scheduled to be a visiting fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics this academic year.

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Corey Lewandowski is scheduled to be a visiting fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics this academic year.

The Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics on Friday withdrew its invitation for Chelsea Manning to serve as a visiting fellow.

So, what is a visiting fellow anyway? And who else has been picked for the appointment over the years?

The Institute of Politics runs what’s called the Visiting Fellows program, which each semester invites a select number of “prominent” political practitioners to the university to serve for a shorter period of time — often a week — than a resident fellowship, which lasts a full academic semester.

The institute says that the stays, while short, are “comprehensive,” and the compact schedule is more intense than a resident fellowship, typically involving three events a day and at least one 90-minute study group, which allow the fellows to share their experiences “in a meaningful way” with students.

Most events are held with students, while some are with faculty, and they typically offer off-the-record conversations with relatively small groups of students.

Visiting fellows are assigned undergraduate students to serve as guides and assistants, and have access to a small staff. They also get a private office with a computer and phone, and they receive a “modest” stipend.

“Each fellowship is individually tailored to the background of the visiting fellow, as well as his/her calendar availability,” the institute says on its website.

A Kennedy School spokesman said that according to its records, the first visiting fellow was Lovida H. Coleman Jr., in the spring of 1986.

Below is a full list of people who, according to the institute’s website, have been selected to serve as visiting fellows over the years.

A list of visiting fellows to Harvard Institute of Politics An asterisk (*) denotes visiting fellows announced this week for the 2017-18 academic year.

Name Link to bio
Angus King Jr. More
Avshalom Vilan More


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