Rush Limbaugh Was Right Not To Trust The Media Regarding Irma

Rush Limbaugh Was Right Not To Trust The Media Regarding Irma

As I write this, I am on the southwest coast of Florida and the bands of Hurricane Irma are intensifying.

In my estimation, a perfect time to stress that Rush Limbaugh was well within his rights to question the motivations of some in the media and the various weather services with regard to Irma and Hurricane “forecasts,” and Hurricane “hype.”

In the past, I have equated weather “forecasters” to political pundits and economists. They all factor a great deal of guesswork into their predictions with the weather forecasters often coming up a poor third in terms of accuracy.

A number of years ago, I sat down with the general manager of a major television news station. He told me that in their own survey, viewers tuned in for “weather first, sports second, and news last.” Therefore he stressed, weather forecasters were the “cash cow” of the station.

He further explained that much of television weather forecasting was a “sham.” He said that decades ago, they would give a “one-day” forecast. But then Station B across town went to a “two-day” forecast. So then they countered with a “three-day” forecast,” until everyone went to the “useless seven-day” forecasts.

He emphasized that it was all done for reasons of competition and ratings and that with a “seven-day” forecast, the station and the networks were playing viewers for “fools,” because they normally “couldn’t even get the forecast for tomorrow correct.”

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Now, going back to Rush Limbaugh, he was also entirely truthful when he stated that many on the left use hurricanes — and any tragedy that might be associated with them — to hype and push their global warming and climate change narratives.

Like the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, and academia, discrimination against conservative or even pragmatic and honest thought…

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