Darryl Strawberry to today’s athlete: Leave politics alone and stick to sports

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Darryl Strawberry encourages today’s athletes to avoid politics in appearance on Fox Business Tuesday.

Add Darryl Strawberry to the “stick to sports” crowd.

That was the message the former Mets slugger – although he’d apparently rather you remember him as a Yankee – delivered to the current generation of jocks.

Strawberry, in a Tuesday appearance on Fox Business, was asked about the protest movement started by the former 49ers quarterback.

“What would you tell these athletes today that are playing politics with their job, and their job is sports,” former Donald Trump surrogate Erin Elmore asked Strawberry on the “Mornings with Maria” show.

“I would tell them, really leave the politics alone as far as your job,” Strawberry said. “You go out and do your job and play sports because you only really have (a) one-time window open to play sports and have an…

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