Senate Defense Authorization Bill Has Provision That Will Nationalize Intellectual Property

Senate Defense Authorization Bill Has Provision That Will Nationalize Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are under attack from Congress. On Monday, the Senate is expected to vote on a motion to proceed to S. 1519, the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018.” That bill contains a provision that would nationalize the intellectual property of software firms that do business with the Department of Defense.

The big high profile fights on the NDAA will be on issues where the Trump Administration disagree with Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) drafted and committee passed bill. According to The Hill, the Trump Administration has a number of problems with the bill including “a prohibition on new base closures, changes to how the president can curtail military pay raises, organizational changes at the Pentagon, steps to develop a missile that would violate a treaty and a continued prohibition on recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea, among a slew of other provisions.” Equally important is this provision that was added at the behest of Senators who want the federal government to take over the development of software in defense contracting like progressive hero Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

The Senate annually passes a defense authorization bill that helps to keep defense programs running.This process to pass this annual bill takes months and, this year, the House has already passed the bill. Next week the Senate takes a cut at the bill, and then it goes to a House and Senate conference. Traditionally this is one of the last bills to pass every year, and sometimes the bill can carry provisions that have little to do with national security. This year, there is a little-noticed provision in the bill that will greatly harm national defense, while at the same time attack the idea…


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