President Trump’s Democratic Alliance Will Be Short-Lived

The House and Senate have sent legislation to lift the debt limit and fund the government through December and to support Hurricane relief to President Trump, who is expected to sign it as soon in the next day or so. The bill passed despite large GOP defections over Trump’s decision to cut the deal with Democrats. The three-month extension on the government funding and debt limit set up an end-of-year fiscal showdown that will likely be the stiffest legislative test of Trump’s first year in office. As the president prods lawmakers to move forward on tax cuts and tax reform by the end of the year, his relations with his adoptive party are more strained than ever. And the newfound alliance with Democrats is set to be short-lived, erased by the next impolitic presidential comment or by Democratic demands contravening Trump’s agenda. But the White House was still celebrating Friday. “The President is pleased Congress acted quickly to provide support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey,” a White House official said. “This bill will also provide funding for any necessary relief following Hurricane Irma. By ensuring government funding for the next three months, it gives Americans the certainty they deserve and we look forward to finding a permanent solution in the months to come.”

As Hurricane Irma appears set to…


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