Look in the Mirror Hillary

Look in the Mirror Hillary

Next week, the country will have to deal with another hurricane disaster as well as a national disaster, the unveiling of Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened. In the book, the former First Lady and Secretary of State blames a variety of culprits for her upset defeat. She is clearly a woman who is bitter and has not accepted her loss to a political novice, Donald Trump.

In the presidential race, Clinton had almost every advantage. Throughout the campaign, she outspent Trump by almost a two-to-one margin. With almost four decades of political experience and a husband who served as president, Clinton should have easily defeated the maverick businessman. In addition, Clinton was supported by almost all of the national news media. She was given very favorable media treatment, while Trump was regularly savaged by reporters who clearly hated him.

Despite her many advantages, Clinton lost to Trump in an overwhelming manner. The Donald won 304 electoral votes in 30 states, winning an electoral vote landslide over Hillary Clinton. While she had a 3 million popular vote edge over Trump, he did garner 63 million votes, the highest total ever for a Republican presidential candidate.

What happened to Hillary? In the book, Mrs. Clinton blames NBC “Today Show” host Matt Lauer for asking tough questions at the first televised forum of both candidates. Clinton states that she was “almost physically sick” that Lauer focused on her email scandal. Of course, Lauer had every right to emphasize an issue that was a raging controversy. Clinton mishandled top secret communications and deleted over 30,000 emails. She also told a variety of lies about the email scandal and had very little credibility on the issue. Lauer was actually doing a respectable job as a reporter digging for the truth…

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