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Part 1: A History of the 85th legislative session

The Texas Legislature ended its 85th regular session at the end of May without passing most of the bills they were considering. Including the so called “bathroom bill” to regulate which restrooms transgender Texans can use.

There was also big floor fights that nearly came to blows, including a scuffle over sanctuary cities. Another fight involved two conservative lawmakers who confronted each other and had to be physically separated.

Despite an emotional session, several things were passed, including a 2.6 billion dollar supplemental spending bill.

Governor Greg Abbott also signed a CPS bill authored by Wichita Falls Representative James Frank.

When it comes to education, lawmakers reached a last-minute deal to adjust the school accountability system that will roll out next year.

The legislature also passed a law banning sanctuary cities, requiring local governments to enforce federal immigration laws.

With many key components undecided, Governor Abbott called a special session in June.

At the end of the special session, with the House and Senate saying they’ve done all they could do, representatives left with a few success stories and a lot of finger pointing.

“We have not addressed half the things we need to do instead we’ve been fooling around on…

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