Sen. Flake Denounced Trump’s Pardon of Sheriff Arpaio—But Applauds Obama’s Pardon of Cuban Terrorist/Spies

Sen. Flake Denounced Trump’s Pardon of Sheriff Arpaio—But Applauds Obama’s Pardon of Cuban Terrorist/Spies

“Regarding the Arpaio pardon, I would have preferred that the President honor the judicial process and let it take its course,Jeff Flake on Twitter.

Well, this very judicial process also convicted a Cuban terrorist/spy named Gerardo Hernandez for –among other crimes–conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens. The judicial process so revered by Jeff Flake then sentenced the Cuban terrorist to two consecutive life terms. In fact, these convictions were upheld all the way to the Supreme Court.

Yet Sen. Jeff Flake was a gleeful accessory to Obama’s pardon (by any other name) of this communist spy/murderer/terrorist and his release back to Cuba as a conquering hero.

You see, amigos: among Castro’s demands for the privilege of being allowed to inflict brain damage, permanent hearing loss, and lord knows what else on U.S. diplomats while sheltering the FBI’s most-wanted cop-killers and while being deluged with $BILLIONS upon $BILLIONS of U.S. dollars by Obama–among the snickering Castro’s demands for enjoying this financial and propaganda windfall from Obama was Obama’s immediate release of his KGB-trained spy/terrorist/murderer Gerardo Hernandez—“and plenty pronto!”

Needless to add, Obama granted every one of Castro’s demands with a smile, bow, and curtsy– but frantically tried to keep his pathetic capitulations to Castro from the American people. And needless to add, the FAKE NEWS media did everything in their power to conceal his miserable grovelings to Castro from the American people.

Sen. Jeff Fake served as President Obama’s Republican “point-man” (a white “house negro,” of sorts) on this Cuba “opening” (i.e. capitulations.) This means Flake essentially served as Obama’s public-relations accessory to the release of the Communist murderer from prison and his return to Cuba as a conquering hero.

According to the FBI’s affidavit, the charges against Hernandez and his Cuban spy colleagues included:

*Gathering intelligence against the Boca Chica Air Naval Station in Key West, the McDill Air Force Base in Tampa and the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Homestead, Fla.

* Compiling the names, home addresses and medical files of the U.S. Southern Command’s top officers, along with…


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