Why is Trump Refusing to Stand up to Russia…??? Sanctions | Stand up Republic Super PAC Ad

New TV Ad from Conservative Super PAC “Stand up Republic” attacking President Donald Trump for his refusal to Stand up against the Russians.

Stand Up Republic is SuperPAC Launched be former Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn to stand up against the presidency of Donald Trump.

McMullin, a former CIA operative and House staffer, has been going after Trump on Twitter before and after the election. In a December rally speech, Trump changed the independent challenger’s name: “I had this character that nobody ever saw before, nobody ever heard of… Evan McMuffin; you believe that!”

McMullin, saying he liked the nickname and wondering if he should reciprocate, responded by tweeting a scathing Vanity Fair review of the Trump Tower restaurant with, “I hear Egg McMuffins taste a lot better than the steaks at the Trump Grill.”

The Utah native, who didn’t launch his presidential bid until August, campaigned mostly in his home state and got 21 percent of the vote there. He finished with 728,860 votes nationwide, or 0.53 percent of the popular vote.

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